Reconnective Therapy

What is it?

We all carry the knowledge for perfect well-being within us. This knowledge is contained in our energy body. The energy body is the force that builds the physical body and holds the templates for perfect body and mind structure and function. It contains all our feelings, thoughts, memories and possible futures. We lose our well being when connections between the physical body and energy body are broken.This can happen through physical or emotional traumas.  Developed by Herwig Schoen, Reconnective Therapy (RCT) is a healing art that facilitates connections between the energy body and the physical body.

Debra McLaughlin has had the privilage of studying with Herwig since 2005. She offers healing sessions in person and over the phone.

To schedule an appointment please call 218-590-1891.

For additional information about Reconnective Therapy  visit: Reconnective Therapy